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The Cotes

Published April 28, 2009 in Family

Last week, I had a photo shoot at the Park in Downtown Columbus with the Cote Family. It was a beautiful day – but a little too sunny! The kids were naturals behind the camera.

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Phase II Complete

Published April 15, 2009 in Military, Portraits

My husband is in Undergraduate Pilot Training at Columbus Air Force Base. This week, his class 10-01 has completed the second phase of training in the T-6 Texan II. Because I’m one of the few spouses as well as a photographer, I was asked to the flight line many times to take pictures of the guys (and girls). As a small tribute to CAFB SUPT Class 10-01, here are a few pictures of my husband, some of his classmates, and the T-6….

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New Puppy!

Published April 14, 2009 in Personal

THE NEW ADDITION: ZULI REESE So I spent another weekend in New Orleans…this time to pick up my PUPPY who my aunt had been taking care of. My aunt’s black lab gave birth to a litter of 11 on Mardi Gras Day and I took one of the females. My brother and two of my friends took three other girls as well. So, my dog will be able to see her sisters when we go in town! Since she was born on Mardi Gras Day, we wanted to name her something festive. So, since Zulu is a parade that runs […]

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Spring Updates!

Published March 25, 2009 in Personal

Since I haven’t been updating in a while, here are some highlights from the last few months: Sunday, March 1, 2009 I can’t get over that “Columbus Snow Day” is under my Spring Updates! Being from New Orleans, I was probably more excited than anyone that I saw snow the first day of March. I woke up at 6AM in anticipation and sat and watched it snow for two hours. Of course, I had to take pictures…. Saturday, February 21, 2009 Mardi Gras Weekend! I brought some friends in to New Orleans for their first Mardi Gras experience. We were […]

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First Blog Post!

Published March 25, 2009 in Family

Friday, February 13, 2009 As I peruse my favorite photography websites, I’ve come to realize that all photographers have a blog set up to view their photo shoots and new things they’ve learned. So, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon! I think it’s an even better way for people to see my personality, the types of photography I love doing, as well as my latest photography endeavors. So, instead of showing all of my previous photo shoots, here are some highlights from a shoot two weekends ago taken in Downtown Columbus with an Air Force family who is about to move […]

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Welcome to MB Reese Photography!

I am a Natural Light & Portrait Photographer based in Columbus, MS. I specialize in children and family portraits where I prefer outdoor lifestyle sessions where we can bring more to a photo than a pose and a smile. I try to take an individual and relaxed approach with each client; my goal is to give a natural feel to your photos – natural appearance, laughs, smiles, fun, love…

I love photographing precious moments and look forward to working with unique personalities that I can capture in a still frame.

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