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Operation: Love Reunited

Published December 15, 2011 in Military, Personal, Uncategorized

I would like to announce on the blog that I am now a participating photographer for a wonderful program called Operation: Love Reunited. Operation: Love ReUnited is a non-profit, fully volunteer organization that offers professional photography sessions to military families and members who are getting ready to deploy, who are currently deployed, or those who are coming home. To learn more about this program, click HERE. If you qualify for OpLove, you will receive two free photo sessions per deployment.  This can include a Pre-Deployment, R&R, or While You’re Gone session.  The second photo session is the Homecoming.  With this […]

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Lisa + Paul Christmas Photos

Published December 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

To help my husband’s squadron raise money, I donated a photo session to their annual Thanksgiving Auction. Lisa & Paul won my photo session at the auction and wanted me to do their Christmas photos! We took these pictures behind their home in Carolina Lakes. Their sweet dog Bella was the hit of the pictures…

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Hall Reunion

Published December 5, 2011 in Family, Military

A neighbor was reuniting with her husband after a year deployment and asked me to take their reunion photos.  This was my first time at an Army reunion and it had so much more emotion than others I had been to!  Her husband Christian had been deployed for a year.  In that year, he came home early for R&R to witness the birth of their baby girl Stella.  This was Christian’s first time seeing his daughter after her birth, and the entire reunion was so beautiful and emotional.  I was so happy to be there and take some special photos […]

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Caitlin + Kyle, part 2

Published November 28, 2011 in Events, Portraits, Wedding

Part 2 of Caitlin & Kyle’s wedding are of the family and group photos after the wedding, newlywed photos, and all of the fun reception festivities that followed.  There reception was a blast, and the new couple made sure all of those that attended were having fun well into the night!  

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Caitlin + Kyle, part 1

Published November 21, 2011 in Military, Wedding

A month ago, I shot Caitlin & Kyle’s wedding in Duck, NC!  There wedding was an absolute blast and they are such an awesome couple!  Their wedding and reception took place at an amazing house – The Grand Ritz Palm.  The ceremony took place on the beach behind the house and the reception took place throughout the grounds of this gorgeous mansion.  Caitlin, Kyle, both of their families and the wedding party did so much of the wedding preparations themselves.  On the day-of, everyone was working hard to make preparations, decorate, and even bake the wedding cakes!  It was so […]

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Mason James

Published November 19, 2011 in Children, Family, Portraits

I recently took pictures of the precious newborn baby Mason James at only 1 week old!  We took these pics in and around the Theisen home.  Mom & Dad (Marissa & Pete) had so many cool, unique photo ideas, so we tried them all!  I absolutely loved the way these pictures came out.  I especially love the family photos below – you can tell that Marissa & Pete are absolutely in love with their beautiful son…

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The King Family

Published November 1, 2011 in Children, Family, Portraits

A few weeks ago, I shot Fall Pictures with the King Family.  We took these pics in a park in Sanford – we walked around and found cool spots to take photos throughout.  At one point, the kids wanted to be thrown in the air, and I love the pictures that transpired from that. Enjoy…

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Corinne, 1 Year

Published October 8, 2011 in Children, Family, Portraits

In the beginning of October, I took pictures of my neighbor – Little Corinne!  We went to the local pumpkin patch at Gross Farms in Sanford, NC.  We took some really adorable pictures of Corinne with the pumpkins, as well as a few family photos.

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Deployment Homecoming

Published October 7, 2011 in Military, Personal

As a military spouse, sometimes I have to deal with rough realities of the military.  And in May, I did one of the harder things for me – which was seeing my husband off for his first deployment to the Middle East.  It was hard not having him around and constantly worrying.  But I was able to do some great things this summer, travel and photograph many cool cities. On the flip side of that coin, deployment reunions are some of the most touching things I’ve seen!  I’ve been to the flight line many times in the last year, taking […]

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The Ramseur Family

Published September 5, 2011 in Children, Family, Portraits

Yesterday, I took family photos of the Ramseurs in the Rose Garden at the Fayetteville Technical Community College.  This is the first time I had seen these gardens, and they really are a great backdrop for family photos!  We took pictures at dusk and there were some really great and really hilarious pictures.  When you’re taking photos with 3 young children, you never know what to expect.  And Lily, Violet and Charlotte are sooo cute and funny.    We also ended with a few special pictures of just Mom and Dad. See also… Lily & Violet’s Christmas Photos and Charlotte’s […]

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