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The Casey Family

Published October 28, 2010 in Children, Family

Sorry, it’s been a while… On my most recent trip home to NOLA, I did family pictures for my sister, brother-in-law, and precious little nephew! William is now 8 months old and so freaking cute! After looking through the pictures, I realized he’s starting to look less like a baby and more like a big boy – they grow up too fast! We did our photo shoot around my favorite spot in City Park.

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William & Avery

Published August 21, 2010 in Children

I haven’t updated the blog in so long!  I have been gone so much this summer, I have barely had time to settle down in my new home in my new state.  I visited my family in New Orleans back in July.  I had a couple photo sessions with my niece and nephew (as usual)!  Here are the recent pictures of William (5 months here) and Avery (9 months here).

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William’s Christening

Published May 19, 2010 in Children, Portraits

My little nephew William was baptized in New Orleans this past weekend and I have the important role of Godmother!  At his reception, we had a photo shoot at my sister’s house with William in his Christening gown – and we changed outfits a few times.  William’s mom (my sister) wore the same Christening gown when she was baptized – and all of his outfits in these pictures were hand-made by our very talented mother. I added some pictures from his nursery.  His outfits revolve around the theme “Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails…” as seen in his room.  Oh, […]

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William, 3 months

Published May 18, 2010 in Children, Portraits

In the past 6 months, BOTH of my sisters have given birth.  It has been so exciting becoming an aunt to these adorable babies, and I just love seeing my sisters as moms. My nephew William was born in February, 5 weeks early.  It was quite a surprise to everyone when she went into labor!  He had a stint in the NICU but is now a chubby, happy baby!  I was so happy that my sister had a boy, so now I have one niece and one nephew.  William looks like the perfect combination of his mom and dad – […]

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Avery Clare, 6 months

Published May 18, 2010 in Children, Portraits

Yes, Avery is making her 3rd appearnace on the blog!  I went to New Orleans this past week and did yet another photo shoot with my beautiful niece who is now 6 months old and cuter than ever!  We went to Audubon Zoo…but hardly saw the animals because we were too busy taking photos. We also took pictures with my new little nephew (Avery’s cousin) William!  I’ll introduce you to him in my next post when I finish editing his pictures.  But I added a few pictures at the end of the two cousins together – it is so adorable!  […]

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Levi James, newborn pictures

Published April 26, 2010 in Children

Our neighbors here in Arkansas just gave birth to the sweetest baby boy!  And a big one at that!  I took some newborn photos of baby Levi in their home last week.  He is 2 weeks old here…so big and so precious!

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Avery Clare, 3 months

Published February 15, 2010 in Children

My niece Avery was baptized a few weeks ago in New Orleans. We took her 3-month pictures in her beautiful Christening gown that my mom made for my sister (her mom) 30 years ago. We took some pictures with my sister and my mom also – three generations of Chauffe girls. Avery is growing so fast and getting so much personality! I can’t stop looking at the pictures of her big smile – it is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

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Avery Clare, 2 months

Published January 3, 2010 in Children

While in New Orleans, I had the wonderful opportunity to do a photo shoot with the most precious baby girl in the world! And no, I’m not being biased because she is my niece! Avery was born back in October – a few weeks early – and had to stay in the hospital for a little while. So, when I first met her, I couldn’t hold her or really spend much time with her. But I really made up for it during my visit for the holidays. We did Avery’s photo shoot in her nursery. The nursery is “Audubon Zoo” […]

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Baby Drew

Published December 29, 2009 in Children

Yesterday I had a photo shoot with the most precious Baby Boy! Drew is 2 months old and completely adorable. He is so happy, cuddly, and lovable. We took photos of him in his house, here are some highlights…

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The Hendersons

Published July 15, 2009 in Children, Family

I was busy in New Orleans! The third photo shoot was with my sister’s good friend Lenzie and her cute family. I photographed her daughter Haydynn last Fall, here is one of my favorite pictures from that shoot… Now, Haydynn just turned 2 and she is getting so big and has long blonde hair! We took pictures in City Park and Haydynn had four outfit changes and even brought her tea set. She was so cute, so much fun, and so easy to photograph! The pictures turned out great, it was hard to choose just a few to put on […]

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