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Baby Brooke, 3 weeks old

Published August 24, 2011 in Children, Portraits

When I returned to North Carolina, I photographed newborn Baby Brooke!  She is absolutely precious!   We had fun playing dress up with her, and she just slept peacefully like a sweet little angel!  We were also able to get a few shots with her and mom, grandmother… and some of the big brother.  (Click here for a photo session with her big brother Drew when he was tiny).    

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The Boland Family

Published August 24, 2011 in Children, Family, Portraits

After photographing sweet little Harrison, the new family of four wanted to venture out to New Orleans City Park to take family photos.  Harrison is just one week old, and his big sister Avery is absolutely obsessed with him.  She is a great big sister!  We took these pictures around Christian Brothers School – they have cute ponds, benches, fountains… and even an “Avery-sized” bridge.  

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Harrison Patrick, 1 week old

Published August 16, 2011 in Children, Portraits

I stayed in New Orleans with my family for an entire month this summer.  The main reason for being in town was because my sister was having my newest niece or nephew.  At the end of July, she (finally) gave birth to a perfect little boy!  We took pictures of Harrison at one-week old.  He is so tiny and so beautiful! Here are the highlights…

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The Failla Family

Published August 15, 2011 in Children, Family, Portraits

I took Family Photos with Chris, Mary, Christopher and Noah.  Christopher is 4 and Noah is 2, so my earlier session with William really prepared me for little boys that are on the move with a purpose!  We tried not to pose the boys too much; I wanted candids of the boys just being boys.  They were very intrigued by the train that went through City Park as well as all the swamp creatures along Bayou Metairie – the ducks, swan, and nutria!  The photo session was interrupted by a torrential downpour, but that didn’t phase them.  They didn’t mind […]

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Agnes Mae, 4 months

Published August 14, 2011 in Children, Portraits

I shot Bridget’s Maternity pictures back in December, and now I finally met the little bambino!  Agnes is 4 months old now and absolutely precious!  We did an impromptu photo shoot of Agnes in her home last month.  We even have a few mom-and-me, as well as some from her room.  She is just too freaking cute!!

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The Casey Family

Published August 12, 2011 in Children, Family, Portraits

My handsome nephew William is now 18 months old!  We did a family photo shoot around my favorite part of New Orleans City Park.  It was raining sporadically throughout the session but managed to take great pictures underneath the Peristyle.  I would say the theme of this shoot was: MOVEMENT.  William went from crawling to running since the last time I’ve been in town.  He was all over the place, just a typical little boy!  But we managed to take some great pictures of my sister and her beautiful family.  

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Victoria + Greg, cont’d…

Published May 7, 2011 in Couples, Portraits, Wedding

In between Victoria and Greg’s wedding and reception, we were able to squeeze in a special newlywed photoshoot on their friends’ waterfront property.  The scenery was perfect and I had so much fun taking these pictures.  I didn’t have to give any instructions or tell them to kiss – the pictures truly captured their genuine love for one another. And they came out so freaking cute!  

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Stephano, 3 months

Published April 3, 2011 in Children, Family, Portraits

This weekend, I had an impromptu photo shoot with my friend’s son – Sweet Baby Stephano!  We also took some mommy and son pictures.  What a beautiful little family!

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Maverick the Pup

Published April 3, 2011 in Portraits, Uncategorized

A friend of mine volunteers with Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love and fosters dogs that need a temporary home.  It is a really wonderful thing to foster a dog while finding it a home to save it from being killed in a shelter.  She asked me to snap a few photos of Maverick to put on their website.  Fortunately, Maverick just found a home, but I wanted to share a couple picture of the adorable one year old puppy!  To learn more about this great organization, click HERE.

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William + Avery

Published March 7, 2011 in Children, Portraits

I recently had a photo shoot with my favorite baby models – my niece and nephew.  William just turned ONE in February, so we took some pictures in his birthday outfit, as well as spring pictures of the cousins.  We  even attempted to take pictures of them together, but all Avery wants to do is walk around and William wanted to eat grass!  At the very end, I did snap a cute picture of the two of them ‘reading’  Peter Rabbit. They are just so cute and getting bigger and smarter every time I see them! Here are previous posts […]

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