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It’s Been a While…

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Hey friends,

Long time no update, I know!

Since I was last actively photographing and updating, a lot has gone on in the MB Reese family. First off, we are an Air Force family so it’s only natural that we’ve moved. Twice. We left the Fayetteville, NC area for the deep South, by way of San Antonio, Texas. We spent 6 months living in San Antonio and enjoyed living in a big city, exploring small towns of Texas, and of course – the Tex Mex cuisine. We had a really great time and new it would only be a short stay. Sidenote though: the weather was crazy while we were there – unseasonably cold, several freezes, sleet, the works.

Remember The Alamo

After San Antonio, we made the move to Columbus, MS, where we had a stowaway from San Antonio – another baby on the way! Soon after our move to Mississippi, we welcomed a second son into the family. My boys are just under two years apart, so those two have definitely kept me  busy!

My boys

So for a year and a half, I happily stayed home and juggled the two boys and figured out life as a mom with two. Right as my youngest turned 1.5 and we had spent a decent amount of time in Mississippi, I decided I really wanted to jump back into photography here.. and I was excited about it!

My boys on a Streetcar ride down St. Charles Ave. in New Orleans


But of course, the Air Force threw a wrench in my plans with a surprise deployment for my husband that left me single parenting for the rest of 2016. It felt like a long 7 months while he was gone! I don’t know how people do it longer than that and I don’t know how people do that so many times in life! Very strong women and men who are able to either leave for their jobs frequently or are able to hold down the fort at home way more often than I’ve had to. I salute you!

My husband’s Deployment Homecoming earlier this year – photo by Tori Stedman, TS Photography

So, I put photography on the back burner for longer…until now! We know we’ll be around Columbus for a little bit longer (how much longer?! Who knows exactly!). But we are seriously enjoying our time in Mississippi and living on the Tombigbee River. We have great neighbors and friends (many of whom we’ve already had to say ‘bye’ to #AirForceLife). And I look forward to meeting and photographing new clients for the remainder of our time here.

A flower in bloom – for dramatic effect, y’all

In the mean time, I am going to be doing some serious blog updating with some back dated posts. Included a few travel posts – one from a Caribbean vacation we took last winter and another to Paris where I was able to meet my husband in the middle of his deployment! And of course, other family photos and such.

So, stick around!

Much Love,





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