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My Sweet Max Man

Published January 5, 2013 in Children, Family, Personal

Well, I have been on “maternity leave” from MB Reese Photography for about 4 months now.  And I thought it was about time I finally shared some pictures of who has been taking up all my time: Max!  (Maximus, Max Man, My Man, Crazy Legs, Potato Head, Sweet Potato, the terms of endearment go on and on…)

I was blessed with a very easy, smooth, problem-free pregnancy that seemed to have zoomed by.  The only thing that did not zoom by was labor!  Max took his dandy time, did not arrive until 6 days after due date, after 26 hours of labor, and lots of other pleasantries 🙂  But he came out perfect in every way – 7lb 10oz and 21.5 inches long.  We named him Maximus Alexander.  Maximus meaning ‘The Greatest’ – and he has been nothing short of that!  We are very obsessed with him.

He is about 3.5 months old – and last month, he weighed 14.1 lbs and was 26 inches long (so he’s very tall… which means he must be taking after his father, obviously not me!).  He’s certainly not sleeping through the night yet, and he gets fussy and has crying fits – but overall, he is happy, sweet, alert and snuggly.  Right now, he is smiling, giggling, rolling over, bouncing his eyebrows, babbling, and growing and developing way way too fast!  Like any good Air Force Brat, he has proven to be very adaptable, already having been on quite a few road trips, has visited 4 states, had his first month-long TDY (to Little Rock, Arkansas), and is gearing up for his first plane ride this month.

Because I’m a photographer, naturally everyone asks if I take a ridiculous amount of pictures of him.  Surprisingly, I don’t have nearly as much as I want!  When I did have free moments or he was in a good mood, I’d find myself wanting to cook a big meal or do a project on my list.  I had so many photo shoots and ideas planned for when he arrived, but now that he is here, I find myself taking less photos and trying to enjoy the little moments more.  That is something that I have not been known to do, but rather snap first and enjoy later!  But I am glad the Little Man has already helped me to enjoy the laughs and smiles without having to run and get the camera.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have a ridiculous amount of photos and some highlights are below…

I know I am very lucky to have the ability to be a stay-at-home Mom.  I have missed meeting & photographing new and old clients, but the time spent with my son is invaluable!  I will come back to photography slowly, taking a few jobs here and there.  But I do not plan to take it back full-time or accept as many OpLove jobs right now.  Please continue to contact me if you are interested in a photo session, but I will keep a very light schedule over the next few months!  I am also a few projects away from completing my Professional Photography Certification through New York Institute of Photography!  Yay!

Here are some photos from birth to now of our sweet little Max Man…


39 weeks pregnant


1-day old, in the hospital

2 days old, right after we brought him home

One week old, on his changing table. His nursery doesn’t really have a theme, but is mainly all white.


One of our first family photos

Like father, like son

2 weeks old

Max at the Pumpkin Patch at 3 weeks

Family photo, including Zuli, in our back yard – 1 month old


2 months

2 months

Christmas Time

3 month old, dad giving him a bubble bath

Christmas Eve

3.5 months old, just hanging out on our bed

With the giraffe lovie that he loves







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